Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Who knew?

"women wetting their panties over a flat tire"

Those are the exact words of a Google search that directed somebody to one of my blog posts yesterday. I'm sure the person was not expecting a blog about a rainy day in the Serengeti, Tanzania.

But that search was nothing compared to the word searches that brought people to my recent post about Squirt the cat. They were not looking for an amusing anecdote about a wandering house pet. If I knew when I wrote the post what the verb "squirt" means to some people, I would never have used it as a post title. I can't repeat any of the actual words in those searches here because my Mom and some of her retired friends read this blog. And I'm not sure about access to heart defibrillators in rural Nova Scotia. Some of the search phrases gave ME palpitations!

The hits on my blog more than doubled on the "Squirt" post day. Imagine if I had also used the words "pussy cat".

What is the most outrageous search term that led someone to your blog?

Today's dream travel destination: Snowshoeing in the mountains of Manning Park, in the spring sunshine, with whiskey jacks eating from our hands. Only three hours away, but we don't get there often enough. This was from last April.


Alda said...

Weird google searches - oh where to begin!! ;)

I think one of the funniest I've had is 'growing babies in pots in Iceland'. Or 'pictures of foreign penis' (from the US). Predictably, most are sex-related ... my recent post with the title 'Porno dog go home' has generated probably an average of 10 or so hits a day with 'porno dog' as the search term. Gah!

Diana said...

Long, long ago, I decided I never wanted to know all the skeezy searches that would land anyone at my blog. I figure there are just some things this little brain never wants to know.

Especially if I post pictures of my naked feet.

Ian Lidster said...

By golly, you can't keep those horndog fetishists down. I'll have to check my old blogs to see if any individual word was a trigger. Good idea.
Love your whiskeyjacks. We have them galore here on Mt.Washington.


Jazz said...

OK... Let me make public my techno-stupidity and ask: How do you know what google searches bring up your blog?

Voyager said...

Alda, When you write about a penis mall, you know you're gonna get the weirdo searches. But Squirt the cat? Like I said, "who knew?"

Diana,You have a good point. But it's kind of like a car wreck, you don't want to look, but youi can't stop yourself.

Ian, I have not been to Mount Washington in years. I loved skiing there.

Jazz, You have to install a hit meter to your blog, it will tell you the searches that led people to your blog, along with hits per day, country they come from, and a few other things. Most have a free version. I use sitemeter.


Jocelyn said...

I actually haven't done the "skeezy search" test, but now I'm intrigued.

LOVE the photo of you two out on the snow...

CS said...

There's a whoe lotta strange going on out there in googleland, that's all I have to say.

(Except to add, very cool with the birds landing on your hand!)

Voyager said...

Jocelyn, you would be amazed, (grossed out too) by what people are looking for on the net that leads them to a blog.

CS, The soft feeling of wild birds' toes perching on your fingers is amazing. These whiskey jacks, a type of jay, live in the mountains everywhere in BC. They will dive bomb a person eating a sandwich on a hike.


Patti said...

I never look at the search terms, just because I'm lazy. Now I have a better reason! I don't wet my pants over a flat tire, but I have to take LOTS of potty breaks when I try to jump on the trampoline with my son! (I came here via Teri, I don't eat meat either.)

Voyager said...

Welcome Patti. I wonder if your Garfield post will generate any weird searches. You never know how screwy some people out there can be!

Shari said...

I've had some google searches that were irrevelent to my blogs. too. Some did pertain to my blogs, though. I just check out what made them look (and some bloggers just happen to look at my blog are foreign (different language). Weird how that happens.

Of course, when I google for a topic I am interested in or for school, I get so many hits and can't find what I am looking for.