Thursday, October 26, 2006

Morning mayhem

“Hit the snooze button again.”

“No, we can’t, it’s past time to get up.”

“But it’s so freakin dark out. And raining.”

“Yeah, but it’s late.”

“Yeah but I’m nice and warm, come cuddle” pleads my Beloved.

I hit the snooze button. Twice.

So the morning routine is even more frantic than usual. Showering is an 8 ½ minute well choreographed ballet. My B passes me the razor and I shave his neck. He then knows exactly when to soap my shoulders as I lift up my hair after conditioning it.

Things really pick up after that. Quick, take the dogs out to the yard. Feed the cats. Remember Snuffy needs her food watered down so the chances of her puking it up again are only fifty-fifty. Find matching socks. “Damn, where’s my other black shoe?" "Maybe Henry got it again". “You ready?” “Almost.” “Let’s go, we are really late now.” “I just have to grab my lunch from the fridge.”

And then I hear a groan from the kitchen: “God damn cat! Snuffy puked all her breakfast on the floor again.” I run to the kitchen. My B and I look at each other, look at the clock, and yell:

“HENRY! COME HERE BOY! …………..Good work buddy.Good Dog”

Today's dream destination: Auckland, New Zealand, where the days are getting longer and brighter, not shorter and darker.

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