Friday, April 27, 2007

Make my day

Today is National Hairball Awareness Day. I’m not kidding, check it out. Now that is a wasted national day. The only people who need to be aware of hairballs are already way too familiar with the whole concept. We step on them in the middle of the night, clean them out of the carpet, and pretend oblivion when the cat whorks, cacks and gags up a whopper right behind a guest’s chair at dinner. If, like us, you have three cats, you could open up a hairball bowling alley.

Who gets to decide these “days”? What moron snagged May 8 as No Socks day? Or National Talk Like a Pirate day on September 19? Did some 15 year old geek hack into all the calendar companies so that May 1 is now designated National Teen day? I’m quite sure no parent proposed that one. The person who approved May 27 as National Grape Popsickle day needs a good shake and a real job.

This has gone too far. What stupid day will someone come up with next, National Beer Appreciation day?

“What? It falls on January 24?” Huh.

Actually, I could get behind that one.

Today's dream travel destination: Bavaria, the place to be next January 24.


Ian Lidster said...

K-k-k-k-kakk! There, how's that? We have a feline dominated household, too.
You know, when I was at my last newspaper we ran a check on the various 'days' of the year, and found that all 365 were 'taken', some with more than one commemorative celebration.
Beautiful Bavaria: Lederhosen and dirndls -- especially dirndls.


Diana said...

Every day should be Beer Appreciation Day. I also know of at least one person who takes advantage of Talk Like A Pirate Day.

In honor of the day, coincidentally, I am wearing a Bill The Cat shirt.

Voyager said...

Ian, I'm afraid leather shorts don't do anything for me. The concept of shorts you can't wash...yuck.

Diana, If we ever happen to meet in person, don't wear your Bill the Cat shirt, because I will fight you for it. I LOVE Bill, and would do anything for a Bill shirt.


Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

oh, Bill the Cat! I love Bill the Cat, too.

Dumdad said...

National Beer Appreciation Day gets my vote.

And what about National Wine Appreciation WEEK (or month or...)

Now we're talking.....

Voyager said...

Teri, we could both take Diana on and wrestle her Bill The Cat Shirt from her. Then we could take turns wearing it.

Dumdad, My better half will join you on wine apreciation day/week/month, but not me, I'm strictly a beer lover. Except for very pricey champers.

Alda said...

It's the online greeting cards people who decide these days. So they can get people to send cards every day of the year with spyware hidden inside them. Beware!

Voyager said...

Alda, thanks for the warning. I will not send you a HAPPY GRAPE POPSICKLE DAY e-card.

CS said...

Sure don't miss hairballs or other cat messiness. I like cats - just too high allergy-inducing for me.

I can go with Beer Appreciation Day. Or Wine(including what I assume you mean to be champagne). But what am I saying? Every day is one or the other.