Sunday, April 29, 2007

April showers bring...

On a beautiful spring Sunday, on a leisurely walk through the neighbourhood, I concede there is some point to the endless April showers rain torrential freakin constant downpour of the last few weeks.

Most of these photos are from my neighbours' gardens. Guess which one is from mine.

Today's dream travel destination: Not far. Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver. My favourite place to take a walk with my sister. She flew back to Europe yesterday after a two week visit. I miss her already.


Dumdad said...

I love dandelions (or pissenlits as they're known over here).

So, did you blow the dandelion puff and make a wish?

Ian Lidster said...

I like your dandelion. It's humble, homey and unpretentious. It merely is what it is, and it's a survivor.
As for the former comment, in Newfoundland dandelions are 'pissabeds', in following the same incontinence theme.
Thank you for your comment on my blog by the way. I had forgotten about The Shining. How shameful of me, and yes it is pants-peeingly scary.


Alda said...

Add me to the list of dandelion aficianados. I think it looks really good. Although if I had a whole garden full ...

Diana said...

Our pasture/yard is a solid yellow, which means that in a week, they will be solid white. I do NOT love them. Trust me. I am not exaggerating.

I miss rhododendrons. And azaleas. Oh, how I miss them. If I could have just one thing that I used to have in Portland, it would be the rhododendron family. Damn Wisconsin winters.

(Thank you for the pictures.)

Voyager said...

Dumdad, If I blew the pissenlits fluff it would create more baby dandilions in my already weedy garden.

Ian I like dandilions too. In your yard, not mine.

Alda, that's the problem, I do have a garden full.

Diana, Soon you too will have embryo dandilions flying through the air just looking for a spot to settle and increase the population. They will choose your flower beds.

Diana said...

Hah! You know it.

Last night, with this in mind, I finished newspapering and mulching my recently tilled and composted vegetable patch just ahead of the thunderstorms. The front flowergardens are partially protected with last year's layer of mulch.

CS said...

Ha ha! But you know what? I really love dandelions. As yellow flowers they are so cheerful, and as puffballs they are the symbol of hope.

Jocelyn said...

Hahahahaha. We have your same garden! (well not yet, as nothing's blooming here in northern MN).

Voyager said...

Diana, Mulch is only partially successful in keeping the weeds down in my garden. The problem with living in such a fecund environment is that everything grows abundantly everywhere.

CS, Symbols of hope. I like that.

Jocelyn, Look on the bright side, you have weeks more per year to do something more fun than fight garden weeds.

Rozanne said...

These photos look like they could have been taken in Portland. I guess we have pretty similar climates.

Most familiar is the photo of the dandelion in the midst of those Spanish/English bluebells. My garden is full of both--neither of which I planted and both of which spread like cra-zee!

jmb said...

Hi Voyager,
Lovely photos and it looks like my garden where I have all the good stuff plus the dandelions too. And from afar they are just as beautiful as daffodils.
thanks for stopping by

Voyager said...

Rozanne, I never planted those bluebells either. I've pulled hundreds of them up, but they just propagate like bunnies!

JMB, I would not mind the dandilions so much myself, but I get dirty looks from the neighbours with their perfect lawns, who are afraid my dandilion puffs will land on their precious plots.


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