Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What I did on my summer vacation

We have been on holiday in Nova Scotia. Since this was B's first trip to the Maritimes, we visited some of of the usual sites on the first few days.

Like historical Lunenburg,a UNESCO world heritage site:

The schooner Bluenose was in port (she graces the front of our dimes too.):

We stopped to photograph the famous three churches of Mahone Bay.

We paid our respects at the memorial to the passengers of SwissAir flight 111. We did not know until afterward we were there on the ninth anniversary of the tragedy.

The windswept rocks near Peggy's Cove made for several hours of hiking and exploring:

Tiny Blue Rocks harbour was gorgeous:

We explored the lovely village of Chester on foot:

Which of course earned us a Kieth's Pale Ale and a Moosehead Lager on the deck of the Rope Loft pub.

Where we plotted our Nova Scotia adventures ahead. Which would take us on a ferry ride and an encounter with a ghost. Stay tuned.


Angela said...

What beautiful photos! Thank you so much for taking us along on the journey. I feel like some of my wanderlust is satiated every time I see a post from someone's vacation. Enjoy!

jmb said...

Lovely photos Voyager. I've only been to a few places, including Peggy's Cove, in NS on a day trip from a cruise, but it was a lovely place. I don't think I'd like to live there however.

Voyager said...

angela, Like you, I am blessed (afflicted?) with wanderlust. So I enjoyed your vacation posts a few weeks ago.

jmb, Atlantic Canada is an under-rated destination I think. So much history, and surprising little coves around every corner. And lovely people with funny accents.


Jazz said...

I lived in NS for 8 years as a kid. I really need to get back there on vacation.

CS said...

Stunning. Nova Scotia is high on my list of places I need to get to as soon as I can.

Dumdad said...


Fab photos. No Pale Ale or Moosehead for me as I read your blogpost - I'm making do with a chilled Corona Extra.

Rozanne said...

So charming. I love the colors of the homes in the villages! That pub looks absolutely fantastic, too.

It's been almost 20 (!!!!!) years, I just realized, since I visited Nova Scotia.

Alda said...

Great photos, V. Even though I spent many years in Canada, I've never been to the Maritimes. It's probably the place in Canada that is most like Iceland.

Big Brother said...

Brings back a lot of memories from my childhood and the times we went back there with the kids. Lovely place to live and visit.
Thanks for the pictures.

Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

Your photos have caused me to add more locations to my "places I'd like to travel" checklist.

Now, what's this about a ghost?

Voyager said...

Jazz and Big Brother, Interesting to find out you two have Maritime salt in your blood.

CS, One of the best things about visiting Nova Scotia is how few people there are once you get out of Halifax. We often had beaches and hikes all to ourselves.

Dumdad, Corona is good, but Moosehead Lager is ambrosia. Brewed in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, right next to Nova Scotia. B prefers Keith's India Pale Ale, a tue Nova Scotia beer.

Rozanne, You have travelled! Not many people other than Canadians and Americans from the East Coast vacation in Nova Scotia.

Alda, Maybe it is like Iceland a bit. The sea is around every corner, and you can't get far from it, even if you head inland, you just get to another coastline.

coffee drinker, It is a wonderful place to visit. How is the new house? Are the kids still happy about their new school?


Judy said...

Someday... someday... I'm turning an odd shade of envy green...

Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for taking me along!

Gretchen said...

Gorgeous photos. I've never been there before, but have it on my list.

Rozanne said...

I lived in Chicago when I went on my trip to Nova Scotia. Still, it was quite a drive. (I can't believe we drove all the way there--and in a pretty unreliable car, too.)

Voyager said...

Wizard, I am envious whenever I read about other peoples' travels. So many places, so little time..