Friday, August 31, 2007

I like my legs

A couple of weeks ago, HeartinSanFrancisco tagged me with an invitation to tell ten things I like about me. “ I can do that” I thought, “I am my favourite topic.” I sat down at the computer and wrote… nothing. Or rather I would type a sentence, then delete it, it sounded too braggadocious*. I’ve read other people’s delightful posts on this topic, written with grace and insight. Like HISF's here. But trying to write my own 10 things was uncomfortable. Prickly. Awkward.

Then I got the idea of changing the point of view to the second person. It worked. I couldn't tell you what I like about me, but I could tell Voyager what I like about her. After I had my list, I realized that most of the ten things were variations on a theme. Sure, I’m kind to animals, babies love me, and I have a green thumb, but mainly the list was about spirit. Gumption**. So I decided to just post the first item on the list instead of all ten. It kind of sums up what I like most about me, and anyway, I never follow meme rules well. Here it is, the way I originally wrote it:

1. Voyager, I like your legs. No, not the way they look (though that’s pretty good too, not counting those jiggly upper thighs.) I mean I like their strength. They have hauled you up magnificent mountains, taken you climbing on some gnarly rock climbing routes***, hiked miles, even held up all the way to the bottom of, and more importantly, back to the top of, the Grand Canyon carrying a full backpack on a solo trip. They competently perform whatever you ask of them, no matter what crazy things you put on the bottom of them: skis, snowshoes, rollerblades, hockey skates, a wake board, bike pedals, and occasionally even high heels. Dependable old pegs they are.

Of course this is not really about your legs. What I really like is that you have been blessed with an adventurous spirit, and the courage to follow where it leads you. It is a huge gift in your life, along with the energy and good health (mostly) to enjoy it.

So, what I like about you Voyager is: You’ve got mettle baby!

Thanks for the tag HeartinSanFrancisco. My response time was pitiful I know. But it was HARD!

Think it’s easy? You try it. Go on, I challenge anyone who has not already tried this to write ten things you like about yourself. You can always cheat like me and write in the second person P.O.V.

*Is “braggadocious” not a fabulous word!?

** Gumption is another great word, taken straight from my Grandmother's lexicon. I don’t think I have ever used it before. I wonder what made me think of it. Grannie, if you get internet service in heaven, thanks.

***I no longer rock climb. Complications from heart surgery a couple of years ago has left me with some missing sternum bone and reduced upper body strength. That’s O.K. It opened the door to try other adventures that I don’t need strong arms for. Climbing was fun though, and I enjoyed many challenging hours with adventurous, irreverent climbing friends. My son climbed with me for a few years too, and I loved those days with him at the climbing gym or on the rocks. (But try explaining to a nine year old why the route he is climbing has the name “Early Morning Woody” or “Lichen in Her Panties”.)

Today’s travel destination: Nova Scotia. Notice I did not write “Today’s dream travel destination”? Because it’s not a dream. Our flight leaves tonight. Vacation blogging, coming up!


Ian Lidster said...

'Braggadocious' is a wonderful world and you, my lovely friend do not just have 'mettle' but you have, as the Cockneys say, 'bottle'. I am enchanted by your sense of adventure and wonderful spirit and joie de vivre. That's certainly what comes through, with a delicious sense of fun. Your spouse is very, very blessed.
And, if it's not being too familiar, I too really like your legs, especially from an esthetic perspective.
Have a wonderful trip 'Down East' and I'll look forward to reading about it.

Ruth L.~ said...

Have fun. What a beautiful time of the year for a trip.

What a nice take on the "meme list thing". It says more about you-- nice, nice things-- that you chose to focus the spotlight on another.

I never knew they names climbing walls like that!! I would have loved to hear your explanation. ;>)

Angela said...

Whoo Hoo! There are so many wonderful things in this post I hardly know where to begin. Kate Winslet has a wonderful line about gumption in "The Holiday." Just a B movie, but a great line! I also love "Braggadocious." To deal with the things you deal with and still have such a great sense of adventure, fun and class -- that's quite a combination. I am so happy to know you!

Diana said...

Woot! Vacation blogging! Can't wait to journey vicariously with you.

I'm sure your legs are pleased with the compliment, as they should be.

Alda said...

That's not ten things, though!

Maybe you can think of some more while you're away. Have fun!

Alda said...

Oh, I was so eager to get to your ten things I skipped over your explanation. Sorry!

Still - maybe you CAN think of some more while you're away.

Voyager said...

Ian, I've never heard of having "bottle", but I like it. And I hate to tell you, but those legs on the top are not mine.

Ruth, The first climbers to climb a particular route name it, then it ends up in the climbing guide books. Most climbers are young dudes with a sense of fun.

Angela, Thank you for the kind words. My life is blessed.

Diana, When I get over the jet lag from a 4 hour time change, and the mind-numbing effets of a red-eye flight, I'll take you to Nova Scotia. Enchanting place.

Alda, The whole exercise was too difficult for me. I'll have to leave the list at one.


Jim Thomsen said...

Woo-hoo! I've always wanted to party in the Maritimes. Do a jig and a reel for me.

Ian Lidster said...

I like to think they're yours, OK? It's good for my fertile imagination.
And I too have lots of naked in public dreams. Again, have a wonderful trip.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Voyager, I love this! Thank you so much for playing, and for the delightful glimpse inside a lovely lady who charms so many of us regularly.

My mother spoke highly of "gumption," too. She also attempted to make me more docile. Speak of mixed messages. I hope gumption won.

I not only like your legs, I covet them. I think in your case, they would be called "gams."

Have a wonderful vacation in beautiful Nova Scotia.

jmb said...

Great post Voyager. I too have strong legs, not beautiful but strong. I love what you had to say about yours.
Have a great vacation although you'll be back before you read this.

Jocelyn said...

What you did with this meme is terrific,and it echoes the way I've come to think of my body in the last few years--so appreciative of its strength that allows me to get out there and do it.

Big Brother said...

Spirit is the thing because when the old body gives out the spirit will still be there... have fun in Nova Scotia. I lived in the Annapolis Valley for 8 years (being an airforce brat means we travelled a lot)and NS contains some of my best childhood memories,such pedalling up and over the North Mountain to the Bay of Fundy. ;o) Have a good vacation.

CS said...

You can't do much better than gumption, and it's all over your blog. So, good for you, even if it is in the second person!

Dumdad said...

Yes, you seem to have "a lot of bottle," picking up the word Ian Lidster used. That will carry you far, and probably has alreday.

Have a great holiday!

Voyager said...

Ninja, With enough Keith's India Pale Ale I can jig and reel with the locals. I'll do my best.

Ian, My legs look like that photo in my imagination too.

HISF, I love you for thinking those legs could be mine. Hold on to that thought!

jmb, Strong legs are indeed a blessing. I'm in Nova Scotia now, writing using my brand new birthday present from my husband. I have Wi-Fi! I'm not sure how to spell it yet, but I have it. More later about this wonderful gift.

jocelyn, You run, ski, hike, and more. So I know you too appreciate your strong legs.

BB, The Annapolis Valley is so beautiful in September. Too bad we won't have time on this trip to head over there. We are in Chester right now, headed to Cape Breton in a couple of days.

CS, With your new house, and all of
its issues, you've really got gumption! You rock.

dumdad, I am enjoying a bottle now. Of Kieth's ale. Probably not what Ian meant by "you've got bottle." But it works for me.

Jazz said...

I really like your legs too. They've taken you on some great adventures.

Judy said...

I enjoyed the way you approached this meme - far more insightful and interesting than the usual lists.

The photo of the legs (and in particular, of the shoes) brought to mind a poem by my pal Shaman... You have more substantive reasons for liking your legs!

Have a wonderful vacation, and try to keep that gumption in check around those amazing tides.

Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

I use the word "gumption" fairly often. It's a great word.

Rozanne said...

Great post! Your legs have def. taken you to some amazing places.

I hope you're enjoying Nova Scotia. A beautiful, beautiful place. I need to go back.

Voyager said...

Jazz, From what I have read, you have pretty adventurous legs too.

Wizened Wizard, I loved Shaman's poem, thanks. I often think "If only I could loose the jiggle from my thighs, my legs would be great". But of course they are all ready perfect because they work perfectly. What more could I ask?

Coffee drinking woman, did you get the word gumption from your grannie too? Or is it more commonly used where you are?

Rozanne, Nova Scotia is indeed wonderful. I am having a wonderful vacation.


Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

My mom uses "gumption" - because her mother did, so yeah, I guess I got it from my granny. :)

Big Brother said...

You've been nominated for a prize for being such a nice blogger. ;o)

Em said...

Came over from Big Brother...just in time to hear all about your legs. Nice. LOL I'll definitely visit again.

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