Monday, September 17, 2007

Just another monday

It was an ordinary day today. There was a bit of fall nip in the air when I was waiting for the skytrain. The only seat left when I got on was beside a very fat woman, and she took up her own seat plus half the one next to her. I struggled with the dilemma of whether to sit next to her, uncomfortably perched on one butt cheek, or to stand, offending her because it would be obvious I did not want to sit beside her. I stood. Apparently my compassion ends where numb bum begins.

At work I went to a meeting where I had to defend a decision I had taken last week. The meeting attendees were not happy about it, and had asked for the meeting to let me know just how unhappy they were. That was fun.

My sister called from Spain, excited about her recent pregnancy scan of her baby, due in March. I was thrilled to hear her talk about seeing the tiny fingers move.

For lunch I had left over macaroni salad.

On the way home I stopped at the bank to deposit two little expense cheques. B and I went out to the local sea food place for dinner, and dropped in at his parents to pick up a bag of apples from their tree.

Yup, just another ordinary Monday. Oh, except for one more little thing. I, um, I, I...I.... Oh God,....I shit,.....fifty.

Oh how I wish I was 21 again.

Or maybe not. Now that's a photo guaranteed to dispel any longing for my lost youth.


Jim Thomsen said...

Wow ... Voyager in "Smokey And The Bandit 17: Trans Canada Fever." :)

Jazz said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Voyager
Happy birthday to you...

Dumdad said...

Happy 50th birthday! (I know the feeling)

Cool photo: beer AND cigarette - those were the days.

Voyager said...

ninja, actually the movie would be more like "Indiana Jones Canuck". I was working in a field camp on an archaeological project at the time.

jazz, You sing so tunefully, thank you.

dumdad, yes, those were the good ol' vice-filled days. I'm thankful I gave up cigarettes a year or two later. Beer, no way!

Ian Lidster said...

And utterly wonderful at 50 you are. That is a fine age for a beautiful woman like you. Wendy is 50 and remains ever more pleasing to my mind and libido, and to say more would be telling. May the next 50 be as fabulous for you. Congratulations.

Jim Thomsen said...

I see ... well, you look like a 1970s Southern stock-car racer's girlfriend. :) ("Play some Skynyrd, man!")

You should just be hitting a new sexual peak, too.

Happy birthday, my friend. I'm not that far behind you, and I feel freaking great.

And fall rules beyond all measurable reason.

Voyager said...

Ian, Thank you.I am grateful for men like you and my husband who appreciate us late 50's models.

Ninja, I call the look "Daisy Duke gone wrong".

Ruth L.~ said...

Hey! Happy birthday. I've got six years on you. Except for my softening chin and other slightly softening areas, I wouldn't go back to those days for anything. It's great being in the 50th decade.

Voyager said...

Ruth, I'm sure you are right. I intend to fully enjoy my 50's. As soon as I get over reeling from the realization I've lived half a decade. Which of course is a good thing compared to the alternative!

jmb said...

Happy fiftieth Voyager. You look pretty good to me and if the fairy godmother asked me if I wanted to be 50 I would say yes, indeed!
I see it as a time of confidence in yourself, still lots of energy, in fact everything going for you. Don't think otherwise for a moment.
Sorry I'm late with the birthday wishes!

Voyager said...

jmb, If I have as much enthusiasm and zest for life in my fifties as you do in your seventies I will be grateful.

Carver said...

Happy Birthday. I turn 50 in November and I know what you mean about reminders to dispel longing for lost youth. I'm enjoying looking through your blog. Beautiful photographs which almost make me feel like I'm there. Your profile is great. Had me thinking, I wish that was my life, and then the punch line at the end was perfect. That's great about your sister. Nothing like a new baby to love. Thanks for visiting my site.

I hope you have a great birthday as well as the day after, and the day after . . . Take care, Carver

Diana said...

A very happy birthday to you!!!!!

You neither look nor act 50. Perhaps when you're 80 you will.

Hope you got to tell the meeting people to 'bite me', being your birthday and all.

Voyager said...

Carver, You're right about how great it will be to have a new baby in the family to love. I'm so excited for my little sister.
I'm almost done reeling from turning a half century. Monday was a real kick in the pants though!

Diana, That's what I should have said at the meeting, "BITE ME". I'll remember that advice.


Jocelyn said...

Please tell me someone gave you a pair of pink knee socks for turning 50!?

Congratulations, loveliest 50-year--old in the blogosphere.

Your day had its ups and downs, but mostly, it sounds UP!

Rozanne said...

Happy Birthday!

Daisy Duke gone wrong--heh, heh, heh. You did pull that look off better than most, though.

Voyager said...

jocelyn, No knee socks for my birthday. But I did get a trip to Nova Sotia, which I've written a couple of posts about. I have to admit, I was reeling on Monday. I mean, FIFTY!!! But now, yah, fifty. Big deal.

Rozanne, If those cut off shorts were any higher I would have been arrested. WHAT was I thinking?

Angela said...

Look at you, you gorgeous cutie! I also love this sentence so much that I'm going to cut and paste it for my own amusement. Thanks for the laugh!

"Apparently my compassion ends where numb bum begins."

Voyager said...

Angela, Always happy to amuse!