Monday, January 29, 2007


So, last we heard, the Voyager was soaked in the Serengeti, and about to be fried by lightening, eaten for breakfast, or carried off in a flood. Did she survive? With her limbs and husband* intact? Oh, the suspense.

Sorry, you will have to hang on a cliff for a while. We are not going back to Africa today. Yes, I realise the drama of this cliffhanger is muted somewhat by the fact this blog is being written. Work with me. Feign fear for our soggy heroine.

We are going to travel somewhere else today: A lake, about 100 kilometres east of Vancouver. Where we went for the weekend. And hallelujah, the sun came out. For the first time in weeks. Don't believe me? Look:

B's parents, my in-laws*, have a cozy log cabin at the lake. My in-laws are lovely people, and they would still be dear to me if they owned no cabin on a lake. But it rocks that they do! And B and I can go whenever we want. We can even bring our unruly dogs. I told you they were lovely. My in-laws that is.

You are likely thinking: "How nice, a weekend spent reading by the fire, walking on the lakeshore with the dogs, playing a game of cribbage, napping." Oh no, not us. We do our familial duty and work hard while there, toiling away at chopping wood, repairing, gardening, cleaning, grinding flour, putting up preserves...and that's all in the first hour.

We even put the dogs to work, harnessing them up to pull thousand-kilogram logs off the beach, which they have to turn into firewood. With their teeth.

It's tough. Oh yes.

* I use the terms "husband" and "in-laws" loosely, because B and I are not actually, legally, hitched. Does that make B's parents my out-laws? And B my parent's sin-in-law?


Diana said...

(snicker, snicker. 'Outlaws'. snicker. 'Sin-in-law'.)

I'm so glad to see you aren't just frittering your weekend away having fun and all. I'm also noticing what a nice, green shade that grass is. Looks like spring there, already.

Voyager said...

Diana, didn't I read somewhere in your blogs that you are a northwest person originally? Or am I making that up? Anyway, Here on the wet coast of BC the grass is that colour all year. Although this year it was covered in some snow for a few weeks. Despite the snow, the daffodils are poking up, the snowdrops are out, and the early crocuses are about to open. It is some consolation for the rain.
Do you finally have some snow?

Diana said...

Yup! Portland, Oregon for about 25 years. I remember our crocuses (croci?) would be blooming late January. (Now I look for them late March.) We've got about 8" of snow, now, and the temps are around 0 degrees F. Finally a winter. We lived in Bellingham, WA, for a year in the mid 90's while Charles went to UBC for a year of grad school. We returned home to Portland after that for about 5 years and then headed out to the Midwest US (Illinois and then Wisconsin). Charles is now a dual Canadian/Yank citizen as of about a year and a half ago.

Jazz said...

Holy crap! That is almost the exact same couch Mr. Jazz and I have at our cottage!

Judy said...

What a lovely place.

Your Outlaws should be glad that B is...well, whatever he is... Many women have Wusbands, you know!