Tuesday, January 23, 2007

C'mon, It'll Be Fun

To the reader who e-mailed me wondering if I have moved to Africa, and to other new readers, let me explain. Recently I returned from a one month trip to Tanzania. I could not post much from there, due to lizards crawling into motherboards. So for the last couple of weeks I have been recounting some of the journey’s highlights here. I will get back to my life’s regular spindrift in due course. In the meantime, come back with me to Tanzania.

Grab the binoculars and come for a drive to see wildlife.

Trust me, the roads are great.

Or join our intrepid little group for a sun downer picnic at Lake Natron.

You can exchange stares with a, ummm... happy baboon.

Or come for a swim in the Indian Ocean.
And if you come along, why not leave a comment? Make my day!


Diana said...

That last picture. Yes. That'd do me quite nicely. The gin and tonic doesn't even have to be iced.

Voyager said...

In Zanzibar we had ice. And better yet, ice-cold beer. I don't know if it was that, or the furnace-like heat, but what you see in the photo is pretty much all we did there for five days!

Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

oh... that looks like a great trip. Very nice!

Voyager said...

Hi Teri, glad to have you along.