Monday, November 27, 2006

We are Canadian eh!

This is a photo of our deck this morning. Here. In Vancouver. The snow started Saturday, and did not quit until this afternoon. Isn't it gorgeous? Magical in fact. Kids sledding in the park. Christmas lights twinkling on icicles. So crisp, clean and cheerful. Winter wonderland.

Bull. Shit. Sweet Mother of God make it go away. It is not allowed to snow here in November. In fact, sometimes whole winters here are blessedly flakeless. We like our snow to stay up in the mountains where it belongs please. Where we can drive 20 minutes to go play in it, in our designer snowshoes. Then come back down for tennis and a latte.

It took half an hour this morning to scrape the frozen windows and thaw the iced up locks on the POS car. So B could drive to work and drop me off at the packed, late, skytrain. Which was not working properly, having been designed for L.A North, not freakin Antarctica. The radio predicted -13 degrees tonight.

So you see, we are real Canadians here. We get winter too. For a week or so. Which is 6 days too long.

Today's dream travel destination: Skiing Ruby Bowl on Blackcomb Mountain. Where snow belongs.

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