Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yesterday afternoon as I travelled through my neighbourhood with the dogs, it may have looked like I was walking. But oh, no, I:

Tiptoed through the tulips:

Belly danced through the bluebells:

Rumbad through the Rhodos:

Did the bossa nova in the bleeding heart:

Arabesqued past the azaleas:

Do-si-doed around the dogwood tree:

And fox-trotted through flowers I don't know the names of (do you?):

I even discoed through the dandilions:

Because when flowers are singing in the spring sunshine, my soul has to dance.


LadyFi said...

My soul is dancing with you. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous flowers!

Shrinky said...

Everthing comes alive again with the spring, especially our spirits! Lovely post.

Dumdad said...


Lovely photos. I'm a manly man but I do like flowers; nothing wrong with pansies.

Carver said...

You've got me dancing in my seat just looking at this wonderful array of flowers. Great shots and words too!

Voyager said...

Lady Fi, we should really thank my neighbours, most of whom have greener thumbs than I.

Shrinky, a walk on a fine spring day will really melt away lingering winter blues.

Dumdad, no, they are not violets, it is too early for violets here. Good guess though. Pansies are my favorites. People and flowers.

Carver, from your posts I know that spring where you live is gloriously in bloom too. Dance through the flowers for me!


Jazz said...


I saw a dandelion today. There's nothing much else around. At least a month before all those flowers happen.

At least.

I hate people who live on the west coast. Truly I do.

Voyager said...

Jazz, my mother, who lives in Nova Scotia, also hates us wet coasters in spring. When we talk on the phone in February she starts the conversation with, "don't tell me about your bloody flowers."
But Montreal is such a wonderful city. I'm warning you now, don"t gloat about the Jazz festval in July, or hatred may be mutual.;)

Anonymous said...

You're much more fun than Tiny Tim, and cuter, too. I'd love to have joined you in your rite of spring.

Do you remember the spoof song, "Stompin' Thru the Nasties (nasturtiums)?" Guess you had to be there.

Voyager said...

mrwriteon, no, I never heard of stompin through the nasties. Now you have me intrigued, and I will try and find a download of it.

jmb said...

There is no more beautiful place in the world to spend Spring than Vancouver!

Lovely photos Voyager.

Voyager said...

JMB, Paris in spring would be right up there too!


Big Dave T said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

We visited Nova Scotia last year, hiking that trail on Cape Breton whose name escapes me right now. It's the one where you see all the moose (we saw five).

Did you really see all those flowers? It seems a bit early in the season, at least here in Michigan. I think we have a few daffodils, that's it.

Jocelyn said...

I read this spring post and am reminded how I've read your blog for several years now--which feels pretty cool in itself--as ever year, I am caught by jealousy over the early blooms you get to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Those are lovely spring flowers!

Lee said...

Glorious pics, Voyager...thanks for sharing. :)

tattytiara said...

We're just seeing the dandelion leaves come up here, and even that's enough to put twinkle into my toes!

secret agent woman said...

I bet that was entertaining for the neighbors!

Rositta said...

Sharing your beautiful photos made my day. Have a lovely one yourself...ciao

Ashley James said...

For sharing your information. The flowers are very attrective and colourful and these are also grace of the garden. So its very close to heart........