Thursday, April 08, 2010

My mean streak

I rushed in the front door.

"Hi Honey, how was your day! Guess what, I have exciting news! I have tickets for a lecture tonight."

"Tickets? As in two?

"Yes, we are so lucky. They are sold out but my friend Sue is sick and she gave them to me."

"Um, for tonight?"

"Yup. We will have to hurry, it's at University of the Fraser Valley, and it starts in an hour and a half. It will take almost that long to get there."

"Um, a lecture you said?

"Yes, about the archaeology of the Old Crow site in the Yukon. Dr. Harlan Smith is speaking! I can't wait!"

"You didn't tell me about this lecture Sweetie, I wish you had called."

"Sorry, my cell phone was dead. But you know how much I love archaeolgy, so I knew you would be excited to share this with me. It will be so INTERESTING. And afterword there is an open question session we have to stay for. I want to ask Dr. Smith to explain his statistical sampling algorythm."

My Beloved looked stricken.  I decided to end his misery.

"APRIL FOOL'S!!!! Go turn on the Canucks game, I'll bring us a couple of beers."


Dumdad said...

You rascal!

Jazz said...

You are evil. How I love you!

Anonymous said...

You're very cruel -- but delightfully so. Well done.

secret agent woman said...

Did he laugh or sock you? :)

Voyager said...

Dumdad, Jazz, mrwriteon & S.A.W., B laughed, but the joke is getting old. I've done this before on nights when there is a key hockey game. I've come home with "opera tickets," and a reminder of a "mixed baby shower." He still falls for it sometimes.

Jocelyn said...

I actually would have been really disappointed. Damn if I don't love a good lecture.

Carver said...

Ha, too funny. That was a good April Fool's prank.

I have to tell you that after reading your comment on mine I thought thank goodness I'm not the only one who likes natural azaleas. EVERYONE but me in my neighborhood keeps their azaleas pruned within an inch of their life. I've even had people offer to neaten up my azaleas with their electric pruners while they were doing their bushes. No thank you, I say, but what I want to say would be far less polite.

Lee said...

That's mean! But it's fun, isn't it? ;)

LadyFi said...

That's hilarious... Poor beloved!

Shrinky said...

Haaaaaaaa, now that's my kinda' girl (just as well he loves you, huh?)!

Voyager said...

Jocelyn, too bad the lecture was fictitious. I might actually have been interesting.

Carver, let's start a "natural azalea" movement.

Lee, Lady Fi and Shrinky, don't feel too sorry for B, he's played some pranks on me too.