Tuesday, November 06, 2007

To you

Angela has given me a "Best Kept Secret" award. (For some reason, I can't download the icon.) Thank you Angela, I appreciate the fact that you think my blog deserves a bigger readership. But the truth is, I am happy to have a handful of readers who keep coming back, and leaving comments. Thank you my cyber friends. I never expected that more people than my Mom and a few old friends would be interested in what I have to say. Best of all, by you stopping by here, I have found my way to your blogs, which make me laugh, and think, and learn. You brighten my day and expand my world.

When I first started this little blog, just over a year ago (a year! wow) I figured it would be a good way to keep my friends and family informed about my travels. I was about to head to Tanzania for an amazing journey. But after the last post about my trip was finished, I just kept on writing. I looked forward to my time with the keyboard. I missed it if I got too busy to write a post. And I love the connections I've made with all of you.

So, I dedicate this post to you, all of you readers who keep coming by. You may not be a huge number, but I treasure each one of your comments. I still get a thrill when someone finds that something I write resonates. And you astound me with the insights, lovely turns of phrase, and honesty that you put in your blogs.

Today's dream travel destination: A tropical island, one I could invite you all to for a week, and we would get to meet in person, and talk, and laugh together. It would have wireless Internet connections under the palm trees on the beach, where we could write whenever we want. Wanna come?


Jazz said...

I'll follow you to that island any time.

Funny how blogging grows on you isn't it? I can't imagine not doing it anymore either.

Alda said...

Count me in! :)

And thanks for your lovely words. You certainly deserve any accolade you get. And - a year! How time flies...

Mike Minzes said...

You deserve that award. I love reading your stories.

Dumdad said...

Well-deserved award.

I could do with a few weeks (months) on that island. Paris is getting greyer and colder as winter's cold fingers take grip.

Ian Lidster said...

I do -- I do! You know me and tropical islands. Well, maybe you don't know me and tropical islands. Maybe that's just as well, as they have an impact on me.
But, regardless, I'll join you on that island with others of your friends anytime.
And, congratulations for a deserved award. You are simply an utter favorite.

Diana said...

Tell me when and I'll book that flight!

CS said...

Congratualtions. We have had a parallel blog experience - I also started mine for family and a few friends and have been grateful sinc for the people it has lead me to and the folks who take time to read and comment. And I even started mine right after a trip to Tanzania!

riseoutofme said...

Yes ... when?

Now? O.K. then.

Off to pack.

Well deserved award!

Big Brother said...

Party time! Is it formal or come as you are?

I blame my lil sister Jazz, for getting me started. She has a lot to atone for ;o)

Angela said...

YAY! Count me in on that one, too. I'd take just about anywhere for a blog meet-up, but a tropical island would be tops!

Voyager said...

Jazz, Yes, who knew?

Alda, It was reading your blog (that my mother turned me on to) that got me started on the whole idea. But I never expected I would keep going this long, or have, my goodness, readers who are not related to me!

Mike, Thank you. I'm still eagerly awaiting my turn at your writing experiment. (Hey y'all, check it out at Mike's blog.)

Dumdad, Paris would be a great place to have a blogger party too. But maybe in April, not November.

Ian, I know you love Kauai and the Cook Islands. Either of those would work well for me! Especially Kauai.

Diana, Let's just charter a plane.

CS, there is some synchronicity isn't there? I hope many more people find your blog, because you certainly inspire me. I was a single Mom with a professional career, until 5 1/2 years ago. (Well, still have the career, but no longer single.) I recognise many of the issues you write about, including buying the first house as a single parent.

Riseoutofme, When I wrote about a blogger party on a tropical island, I was kidding. But now I'm thinking. Maybe not a tropical island, but.....

Big brother, definitely casual wear! Hell, even naturist if you like.

Angela, I agree, anywhere would be fine. But the thought of blogging while sitting in the warm breeze under a palm tree is sooo compelling!

jmb said...

Count me in Voyager. I'll have to sit in the shade cos I get very sunburned but I'll be happy to sit and look at the view.

This blogging, it's addictive for sure.

Rozanne said...

Congrats! Yet another award!

I didn't know you'd only been blogging for a year.

I love the idea of a "meet-up" on a tropical island, but I say let's go to one without Internet access! Sometimes it's nice not to have the distraction.

pierre l said...

Ah, the benefits of advertising. I found you on Icelandic Weather Reports, and I will defintely be back when I have a bit more time. The picture of the canoe reminded me of my visits to summer camp in Northern Ontario many years ago.

Ruth L.~ said...

I'm glad I wandered here to be part of your readership. A small, loyal readeship is good, like an extended family.

Voyager said...

jmb, I'm a red head, so I don't do sun either, without #60 sunscreen. But I do love to swim in warm, tropical seas.

Rozanne, I think some of us would go through serious witdrawl without internet for a week.

Pierre, glad you stopped by. I'm intrigued by your profile: A man living in the U.K. who went to summer camp in Northern Ontario? Hope to see you this way again.

Ruth, I agree. And I'm one of yours.


Jocelyn said...

Of course we keep coming back. You are gentle and insightful and a pleasure to be around!

Dumdad said...

An award awaits you at my blog.

pierre l said...

OK, Voyager, a quick potted history: born near Montreal, one sister who now lives near Vancouver (as it happens); sent to summer camp in the Georgian Bay, Ontario, to learn English; moved to France in early 70s, moved to UK three years later.
I'll read some of the archives next.

Jim Thomsen said...

To me, no tropical island can compare to the beauty of Voyager's back yard — Vancouver Island, the Inside Passage, the Gulf Islands and the Treasure Coast.

Screw Tahiti ... I'll take Salt Spring Island any day.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Oh, yes. I'll be there.

Congratulations on your award! Your blog and you are both wonderful, and I always love coming here.

Voyager said...

jocelyn, you are too kind.

dumdad, Cool! I'll be over shortly.

Pierre, So you're a French Canadian ex-pat. Have you been to Jazz's and big brother's blogs from la belle province?

Ninja, you're right of course. But our part of the world is a tad wet and chilly right now.

Heart, right back at ya!


Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

Count me in! I'm ready to run away to escape it all - and that island sounds just about perfect.

Voyager said...

coffee drinker, I'm ready too! What fun we would have.