Saturday, October 06, 2007

Life gets in the way

Miss y'all.

Yes I'm still here. No, my muse has not gone AWOL. In fact she is sitting on my shoulder hissing and spitting because I have no time to write. And, I. Need. To. Write. I love to write. Give me just a pencil and paper, and I can have a rip roaring party.

But life has taken my pencil away temporarily.

A family member has had cancer surgery this week. My sister and her husband are visiting from overseas, and I want to spend every minute I can with them (and my first niece or nephew, due in March!) I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner (Canadian)this weekend, and I haven't picked up our Thanksgiving sockeye salmon yet. And work has been crazy. I have neglected you.

I'll be back soon. In my absence, I leave you with this for your amusement. Unlike the last funny foto I left you with, I have not actually seen this place. I've gotta add it to my dream travel destination list.


Em said...

I hope your family member recovers quickly! Enjoy the visit with your other family.

As for the photo, do I really have to tackle someone every time I do it???

Alda said...

Ditto the well-wishes for your family member. Hope you enjoy D's visit!

Ian Lidster said...

You are so bad, my friend, but that's why you're 'good', and I bet you've been told that before.
Sorry you are dealing with illness in the family and all the stresses that brings. Meanwhile, have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.
Today I just might try vacuuming and whatever else transpires.
Thanks for the advice. I'll let you know.

Gretchen said...

Interesting photo! Will have to find it some day.

Enjoy the visit.

Ruth L.~ said...

Ha! Bait et al! I just heard on the news of someone wearing that on his Tshirt and being asked to change before getting on a plane.

Sounds busy, both good and bad, and when the commotion dies down you can record it all in WRITING.

Happy Thanksgiving. Salmon? Is that traditional? Enjoy. Best wishes for recovery to your relative.

Big Brother said...

Wonder who's tackle you use? ;o) Is salmon the equivalent of turkey out on the west coast? Sounds fishy to me. (Sorry couldn't resist the pun)

Voyager said...

em, who would one tackle I wonder, since the activity is usually solo?

Alda, the operation went well, and we are hopeful. I am loving having my baby sister here before she heads to New Zealand to settle down to parenthood.

Ian, a happy Thanksgiving to you too. If nothing else, your carpet will be spotless.

Gretchen, Apparently this bait and tackle shop is in Florida. Maybe I'll see it some day.

Ruth, salmon is not traditional for Thanksgiving here, but I don't eat meat. So we often do seafood for special dinners. We do the sockeye on a cedar plank on the BBQ. Yum!

big brother, there is definitely something fishy going on.

jmb said...

Lots going on there Voyager. I hope for good things for your sick relative and I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. With a salmon?

Angela said...

Hi, V.~ I add my sympathies to the list and send good thoughts your way during this time. You have definitely been missed, but life is what it is and sometimes things have to take a back seat. Take care!

Diana said...

Happy Thanksgiving! More good wishes for your family. Hope things calm down soon for you.

Voyager said...

jmb, Angela and Diana, Thank you for the good wishes. My brother-in-law's surgery went well.
I hope you and your family had a good Thanksgiving too. Actually Angela and Diana, yours is still on the way, I forgot.
Why doesn't the rest of the world celebrate Thankgiving on Canadian time? Oh right, because we are not the super power of the Western World. That's O.K., I don't think we want the job anyway.

Rozanne said...

Sorry to hear about your relative. I hope the surgery was a success.


That bait shop is too funny! I wonder if they named it that on purpose?

Voyager said...

Rozanne, I don't know if they named it Master Bait, but I bet they do a booming business in their t-shirts.