Friday, June 01, 2007

Wherein B changes his plans

"What a gorgeous day!" I say to B while we are getting ready for work. "The radio said it could go up to 29 on Sunday. Let's go camping."

"But we already decided to only spend a day at Pitt Lake this weekend," said B.

"That's what we talked about, but we didn't know then how hot and sunny it would be. This is the first hot weekend this year, let's go!"

"But I only planned on going for the day, I was going to do some work around the house too."

"It can wait, there's nothing urgent. Give me one good reason why we shouldn't enjoy this incredible weather and camp for the weekend."

"Sure it would be nice, it's just not what I planned to do, my head isn't there. I can't change plans at the last minute."

The "last minute" is still ten hours away. But B has trouble changing plans. His proposed course of action gets burned in his brain, and he suffers the pain of unanaesthetised neurosurgery if made to change course. Oddly, he has no problem going with the flow when there are no plans, and loves to travel with no set itinerary, just letting each day unfold as it will. My mistake was even mentioning weekend plans a few days before. But all is not lost.

I wrap my arms around him, and whisper in his ear: "If we go camping I'll.... [censored]."

B pauses for a millisecond, then starts to do a little jig. "We're goin' campin', oh yeah, goin' campin' tonight."

There's a lesson here women. If you can't bring your man's brain around to your way of thinking, bypass it. Go straight to command central.

We're off to the lake! Back Sunday night. Have a good weekend everyone.


jmb said...

Yes, there is actually some warm weather here at last. Go enjoy it.

Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

Have a good time!

Dumdad said...


It's early morning, I have a slight hangover but that made me chuckle.
Have a great weekend.

Diana said...

Have a goooooood old time.

Alda said...

Heheh. Have fun.

Ian Lidster said...

As a warm-blooded and highly susceptible to suggestion male, the whispered (censored) would have done it for me, too. I hope your weekend was wonderful for "both of you."
I like your style.


Scott from Oregon said...

Yeah, that works pretty universally. That's why you see men in theaters watching movies that you know is boring them stiff...

Mike Minzes said...

Wow, after reading this I see how I am like B in so many ways. I suppose it would hurt me to change a plan here and then.

And the power of (censored)is much, much stronger than anything else in this world :O)


Jazz said...

Command central is ALWAYS the way to go.

Voyager said...

jmb, The temp hit 30 at Pitt Lake.

Teri, dd, Diana and Alda, It was a lovely weekend, thanks.

Ian, Scott and Mike, Do men ever resent this "leverage" women have over men?

Jazz, so that works with Mr Jazz too?

CS said...

Get him thinking with the little head - works every time.

Jay said...

It's like hitting the "no-fail" switch.


Voyager said...

CS, I always feel a bit guilty using this tactic, since the men do not usually have similar brain-bypass power over us. Oh hell that's a lie, I have no guilt.

Jay, glad you dropped in. It led me to your poem, which I loved.


Jocelyn said...

I'm just having fun filling in your "If you go camping, I'll...." sentence with really dumb stuff, instead of what you really said.


Sounds looooverly.