Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's not all about me. This time.

This post is related to the "Eight Random Things About Me" meme. Except I am bending the rules (whaddya mean you're not surprised?) I'm writing eight random things about B. My Beloved. My man. The one it took me 45 years to find.

So, here are eight random things about B:

1. He rescues spiders from the bath tub and gently carries them outside to the yard. (Where Snuffy the cat hunts and eats them for snacks.) But it’s the thought that counts. He also rescues them off the boat, so they don’t blow away and drown. I’ve seen him wade through icy water to deposit an eight legged stowaway back on shore.

2. He finishes my abandoned projects. I am good at starting various endeavours, but I get bored easily, especially when it becomes apparent the job will not look as perfect as I hoped. With only minimal eye rolling, to which he is surely entitled, B picks up my discarded paint brush, or hedge trimmer, or chain saw, or rake, and quietly finishes what I started.

3. B gets cranky as a grizzly bear with a hang over when he is hungry.

4. So it is a good thing he can cook. He does wonderful curries, especially Thai.

5. He no longer writes “don’t buy any of that low fat shit” on our grocery list. But when I’m not around to make gagging noises and pantomime heart attacks, his favourite meals are cheese perogies with bacon and sour cream, or greasy fish and chips from the local take out.

6. B is a very good hockey player. But he prefers playing on mixed teams of men and women “because it’s more civilized that way”. He always says something positive about my play, and believe me it can’t be easy. In my best season I got two goals. One was in my own net.

7. When we got together 5 years ago B took on the old bitch without complaint. No not me, Tika, my huge, smelly, lab/shepherd cross whose personal mission is to annihilate motorcycles, skateboarders, and most other dogs. I’ve even caught him hugging her while cooing “How’s my special big brown girl?”

8. B is convinced he is a better driver than I am (and most everybody else). While I know for sure that I drive better than he does (and most everybody else). It makes road And sometimes loud. And then icily silent.

Today's dream travel destination: Costa Rica. We are planning a trip there in the fall. Where we may, for the first time in our travels together, rent a car. Or maybe one each.


Dumdad said...

Great pictures, lovely post. I'm not sure I'd like the Frog Queen to list eight things about me though!

Ian Lidster said...

Ahem -- I too put spiders outside and wish them well. Our cat is too old to bother catching them. I'm especially charmed by the little jumping spiders and I had one that hung out by my keyboard for over a week. And then he died. I felt momentarily sad.
Anyway, B sounds like a great guy and its a beautifully affectionate meme, and I wouldn't expect anything less from you.

Mike Minzes said...

Love is a great thing!!

I love your 8 random things!!

Voyager said...

DD, Ask her what she would list. You can always pretend you never asked if you don't like the results!

Ian, Another spider saver. I knew I liked you.

Mike, It is great indeed.

Rozanne said...

"He no longer writes “don’t buy any of that low fat shit” on our grocery list."

I love that!!! And I agree about low-fat stuff being shit. I don't mean naturally low-fat stuff like fruits and vegetables, but stuff like low-fat cheese.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

This is lovely! It makes me like B so much -- I already liked you.

I also rescue insects because their lives matter to them as mine does to me. I tell them to go in peace, and they do.

jmb said...

Well voyager, your wait was worth it apparently. I hope he is pleased with the post.

Jocelyn said...

How dare you make me fall a little in love with your man, when I'm so very in love with my own husband already.

Jazz said...

So I'm not the only one who "keeps" spiders? I love bugs, they're so cool.

B sounds like a wonderful guy.

Diana said...

What a great spin on this! As lovely as you are, you deserve a lovely guy. Clearly, 45 years was not too long to wait for true love. (I save spiders, too, much as they skeeve me. I don't use my bare hands, though.)

Voyager said...

Rozanne, Once I bought low fat sour cream, and put in in a regular sour cream container. Then cooked up baked potatoes for dinner. B culd not tell the difference. I've slowly weaned him onto 1 percent milk from 4 percent. It took me this long to find him, I would like him to be around for a while! I'm sure he would balk at low fat cheese though.

Voyager said...

HISF, I like bugs too. Even though a nasty bitch of a mosquito gave me malaria once. (Only the females cause it)

JMB, I always give B advance viewing with veto power if I put him in my posts. He's never complained, even if he comes off goofy or made fun of. He laughs loudest at himself.

Jocelyn, I hope B and I are still as happy as you and groom are after (how many?) years together.

Jazz and Diana, this post has brought bug lovers out of the closet!

CS said...

I like that about your husband - I'm a spider-liberator myself, including a huge marbled orb weaver who landed on my face while I was tying to meditate (brought that sit to a quick end!).

As for Costa Rica - I went a few years ago and it is one of my all time favorite trips. So, so beautiful. I especially liked being awakened by howler monkies, and river rafting with sloths hanging from the trees above.

Voyager said...

CS: I would love to hear about your trip to Costa Rica and get some tips.