Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hakuna Matata

I have just finished my first 24 hours back in East Africa,in Nairobi. Wearing my husband's underwear. Lost luggage problems. Don't ask! It's not even a local issue, the screw up is at Heathrow, were apparently hundreds of bags are getting left behind by BA because of full flights and not enough baggage hold space. I've been told many times "Hakuna Matata (No worries) Mama, it will arrive." Yes, but this year?

It is wonderful to finally be here. What hit my memory first this morning, as we walked on a path to the market, was the smell. Woodsmoke, lush vegetation, flowers, open drains, and garbage. Dizzying! Then the shrieking of the Ibis' overhead. The smell and the sound must have unlocked some long unused corner in my brain, and Kiswahili phrases I did not remember I knew danced into my head. After all these years Africa still grips my heart and and lives in my veins.

The month ahead will be one amazing adventure. Now if only my panties would arrive.

At the Masai market in Nairobi:

B at the giraffe rehabilitation centre, Nairobi:


Anonymous said...

What an adventure you have ahead. Not having read your blog for long, I'm unsure as to why you're there (vacation? work?) I shall have to read back and see.

Have a wonderful time, commando or otherwise. I look forward to reading more as you have time to post. :)

Anonymous said...

Damn I missed you
One of my great friends is just back from an adventure in Tazania and I had hoped to share some of his observations with you before you left. the most important was to do with the beer of which he observed:
Tusker - drink this if you can get it
Safari - if you can't get Tusker
Kilimanjaro - available everywhere - won't kill you
Tower - 'negative comment' covers his observation.
Oh and PS You came to NS and no call? - you are a stinko dog my friend
Love to you - hope you got your undies