Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Service interruptions due to weather

This blog is on summer hours. Fine weather and long daylight hours may result in unavoidable service interruptions. Regular service will resume with the rain.

I am spending very little time indoors. Saturday we spent the day on the boat at Pitt Lake. Sunday an old friend was in town, and we cycled 68 km to the Richmond Dikes and Steveston Village. The winter's mould is finally baking out of our brains, and the sun has our damp joints moving again.

Evenings have been spent in the garden, where we are making a huge mess landscaping. Lumberjacks are removing a massive overgrown cedar hedge. Two sad trees will also come down. Listen for their screams. Weed beds are under attack. I am finally getting a place to plant my long-wished for Ginkgo Biloba tree.

When darkness falls, making chainsaw use a gamble, we reluctantly drag our aching old bones inside, shower, and collapse. Dust is building up on the forlorn computer. The lonely mouse sits on the mouse pad squinting out at the hot, cloudless sky, wishing for a storm.

Today's dream travel destination, Steveston Village, Richmond, B.C. Where the freshest seafood is sold right off the boats at the docks. And the halibut & chips at Dave's is mouthwatering.


jmb said...

My walking group is going to Steveston on Thursday to walk the dyke.
The ginkgo is a very favourite tree of mine, but when I was talking about them on one of my Japan posts a commenter said that the leaves are very stinky when they fall. Did you know that? They are also very large trees at maturity.
See you later when you get some spare time for blogging.

Alda said...

That's the best excuse for neglecting your blog if you ask me.

Your weather sounds heavenly. I get intense nostalgia for Canada when I read your descriptions.

CS said...

I love gingko trees, too. Sounds like your getting some good work done in the yard and also enjoying outside time. Blog when you blog - life comes first.

Diana said...

Fabulous! My blogging has taken a dip for summer hours, too. (Well, except for last week when it was unbearable to be outside, but it's lovely, again, so I'm pretending that this is what summer really is and not a pleasant aberation.)

Can't wait to see the 'trees' of your labor.

Voyager said...

jmb, Make sure you take your sunscreen when you walk the dike. (I note Richmond too spells "dyke" the proper historical way that you do. But this fine old spelling now has another connotation. I really couldn't bring myself to write "I rode the dykes".)
Thanks for the stinky leaf warning. The spot I've picked out is a long way from the house.


Alda, Thank goodness we do not get the steamy heat of Eastern Canada. We rarely hit above 30. This week is an exception though. It's hot!

cs, ginkgo trees are such a lovely green, and those prehistoric fan shaped leaves are unique. As for the yard work, it looks like a tornado blew through at the moment! I should take before and after photos.

diana, my garden is in much need of some expert planning and planting. Wanna come and give it your very green thumb touch? I'm in over my head! And it's difficult to convince Mr. "We Can Do It Ourselves" to bring in paid help. It took pleading, histrionics, and promises of sexual favours just to get B. to agree to get the lumberjacks in.

Ian Lidster said...

You are simply doing far too much work for the weather, so you had better take more time for boating. Love Steveston Village, by the way.
And, my dear friend, you have been tagged by moi. So come along and check it out.
Enjoy the heat.

Jazz said...

Yeah, like Ian says, stop working and get on your boat!

Big Brother said...

Hum nice weather, work or play... work...nyah definately play. Do as Ian says go boating.

Voyager said...

Ian, thanks for the tag. But now I can't get that song out of my head. "Good, good, good, good vibrations..."

jazz @ bb, Oh all right, if you insist.

Ian Lidster said...

Sorry about the screwed-up link, sweetie. It has now been fixed. I mean, I'd like to jealously guard your blog all to myself, but it behooves me to send others in your direction.

Rozanne said...

Ditto what Alda said. I've been neglecting my blog, too, owing to weather and fun stuff going on.

You are going to be loving that Gingko even more come fall. I can't think of any other tree that turns a more luminous yellow!

Jocelyn said...

I'm with Alda--go ahead and neglect the blog if it means you're outside, enjoying the summer.


Voyager said...

Ian, you could never screw up in my book! Only pointed it out because one of your readers was put out that the link did not work.
I had fun last night musing and writing about good vibrations, while sitting on the deck, watching the evening light change on the river. Which I can now see again thanks to the lumberjacks. So far the writing is only on my "lap top" (a writing pad). I will post it soon. Thanks for the tag.

Rozanne, I don't think I have ever seen a Ginkgo in its fall glory. I love the summer green of them, now I have more to look forward to. Trip to the tree nursery this weekend, yay!

jocelyn, You are having a fun summer. Great road trip stories.


Ian Lidster said...

You, of the lovely auburn tresses, have been given an award. Please check my blog, if you will.


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