Monday, July 16, 2007


Ian at Or so I thought has given me a "Blogging Community Involvement" award. Apparently my blog has "the power of schmooze". I'm flattered, thank you Ian. But I'm not exactly sure what this means. So I'll take it to be an indication of a blogger that can schmooze folks in. One who who relishes the blogger community contact in return. Because I do truly enjoy the interaction, "conversation" and cyber-frienships that have developed since I started this little blog. It was totally unexpected, but the best part of this blogging gig.

Apparently I am to name five other blogs for this award. But I am going to break the rules (yes, again.) Because I do not follow many blogs. I've read many, but only a few have caught me (schmoozed me?) and drawn me to follow every post they write. So I could name all of those blogs listed over there on the right under the title "You'll love these" for this award. But I am going to limit it to one. One of the first blogs I began to read, and the first that got me hooked into coming back to it over and over. And the one that got me thinking "I want to try that". Now that's schmooze power!

And the award goes to: Alda at theIceland Weather Report. Often side splittingly funny, frequently deeply insightful, sometimes achingly honest and personal. I love her descriptions of "Niceland" and Icleanders, and if I ever need to fly to Reykjavik on the spur of the moment, I will know what time the sun will set.

Today's dream travel destination: Iceland of course. A destination way up on my gotta go list.


Jazz said...

You know what I hate most about these awards and memes and tagging things?

All the great new blogs I discover along the way. There are only so many blogs I can read in a day...


Diana said...

I agree with Jazz. So many great blogs (and potential friends) so little time. I do love the cozy, 'pull up a chair and sit a while' atmosphere of your blog.

Voyager said...

Jazz, you're right. There are so many interesting, talented people I would love to read about and get to know. But there's only so much time, so only follow a few that have really hooked me. Like yours. and:

Diana's. Diana, thank you. Make yourself comfortable.


Ian Lidster said...

You know, I haven't gone to the Iceland Weather Report for quite a while now, and I must go back. Like you, I loved it, and then forgot to add it to my list, and then it went 'poof' in my memory bank. I also agree with you utterly about the tagging, and I think I may follow your approach in the future. You are a very wise lady, but I already knew that. Everything else, and 'wise' too. What a combo.
I also agree with Jazz is that you end up wanting to check out all the tagged people. Now I have to go back to writing a story on a very boring topic, but I am getting paid for it, so I'd better finish it.

Rozanne said...

I agree that one of the nicest serendipities of blogging has been finding a whole new bunch of smart, talented, and witty new cyber friends. When I first started out with blogging I had no idea it would be such an interactive thing. But it's definitely good.

And, great choice for the Schmooze Award. I love Alda's blog! One day, I'll get to Iceland.

Alda said...

OH MY! I've been so busy today, I haven't had a moment to sit down and visit your site ... I am deeply honoured and flattered by your kind words. Truly! Thank you so much. :)

I'm also very flattered by the words of a couple of the other commenters here. I also had no idea that spilling the contents of my brain onto a keyboard every day or two would result in such wonderful online friends.

I'm not sure I can pass on the Schmooze simply because there are so many blogs I love and admire ... I'll have a think about it.

Alda said...

Oh, and one more thing: I propose a blogmeet in Iceland!

[PS. what a stunning photo you found!!]

Voyager said...

Ian, Work can really get in the way of fun, I agree. If only I could spend a few hours today reading cool blogs that my cyberfriends have tagged. No such luck. Gotta keep the K.D. and Spam on the table.

rozanne, It is a delight "meeting" and interacting with interesting people from all over.

Alda, A big meet in Iceland would be so much fun. The photo of the horse in Iceland is beautiful. It was easy to find though, it's right off the Iceland tourism web site.


riseoutofme said...

Can't remember how I found you.

But, so glad I did.

jmb said...

Congratulations voyager, I'm not quite sure what a schmoozer is in this context either. But I think it's meant to be a good thing so relish it.
I'll have to check out your Icelandic friend, but as we all seem to be saying here it's hard to keep up with all the people one would like to read .

Jocelyn said...

Iceland is one of my favorite places on earth. It's all that is good.

Do get there one day!

Dumdad said...

Congratulations! But not unexpected as your blog is a class act.

I also agree with Jazz and Diana about stumbling on new blogs. So many good ones. But I have to be strong and turn away sometimes. But not from yours.

Voyager said...

(I left responses to these comments before, but they have disappeared. Hmmm.)

riseoutofme, Welcome! Ireland. Wow, a reader from somewhere else I want to go.

JMB, Too many interesting people, not enough time. And you're retired, imagine what it's like for us working stiffs.

jocelyn, I take it you have been to Iceland. I'm jealous.

DD. Welcome back from vacation. I'll wander over to your part of Paris in a few minutes.


CS said...

I agree with Jazz, above, too. But I will say, congratualtions and how flattering to be in that short list. I wil definitely check out the ones in it I don't already follow.

Anonymous said...

I went to Iceland a few years ago. Flew direct from Boston. It was great. Went in October, the off-season. Needed a winter jacket at times. Great people, very blonde. Great food. If you like fish.