Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Snow. Make it go, make it go, make it go.

I can't make Vancouver's freakish giant snow banks melt faster, but maybe I can whisk you away from them for a few minutes. O.K., here we go:

Imagine you are on a salt sprayed lounger chair on a sweltering tropical beach, a good book and icy beer at hand. Shade from a low palm tree and a brisk breeze keep you cool, as long as you don't move any more than it takes to turn the page. (Yes, you're getting close, concentrate now.) Hear the swoosh of the waves, feel the warm white sand in your toes. See the pelicans hover over the water before they fold up like missiles and speed dive into the surf. Now you've got it! You are in Placencia, Belize.

The local beach bum dogs are hanging out around your beach Cabana, because you are a pushover, and have been feeding them choice leftovers.

A few days ago you were at Caye Caulker, snorkeling at the world's second largest, and in my opinion, most spectacular, barrier reef. The highlight was swimming with a huge spotted eagle ray.

The barracudas were more graceful than fierce looking. But the lemon sharks, despite the snorkel guide's assurances that they were uninterested in humans, made you pee your pants. Or rather bathing suit.

As you walk around town, people of Garifuna, Caribe, African, and Mayan decent smile at you and shout greetings in a unique Caribbean / Belizian patois. As you pass a local house, built on stilts to catch the breezes and as a hedge against flooding, a young boy eyes your bag of groceries and sees a possibility of making a little money. "Dat bag, he look heavy, lady. I carry he for yo, O.K.?"

Your lovely day wanes as you snooze in a hammock, dreaming of the next adventure, Guatemala, to start tomorrow.

Well gentle readers, has that helped you forget the snow for a little while? Do you feel warmer, more relaxed, and virtually sun kissed?

WELL I DON'T!!!! Now I'm more sick of winter than ever. Because that Belize trip is over. Soooo over. Last March it was over. Oh, for the whisper of wind in palm fronds lulling me to sleep. Sob!


Dumdad said...

Just for a moment you transported me to where I want to go. Sea, sand and stuff, so to speak. Bliss. The snow's still here in Paris and is stubbornly refusing to leave.

Jazz said...

I wish it had made me forget the snow, unfortunately, I can still see the 20-odd cm falling out of the corner of my eye... (insert heavy sigh).

Jocelyn said...

Oh, what a gorgeous escape. I've been to Belize and a couple of times to Guatemala--in each case, this time of year--and now you have me hankering to do it again, as the adult I now am.

And now I know not to wear my swimsuit when snorkeling, lest those sharks make me pee it.

Voyager said...

Jazz, (In response to your comment on my previous post.) I have been lurking at my fave bloggers pages for a while, wanting to come out of sabbatical. But I thought I would have to give explanations about why I was away so long. Then in a moment of clarity I said to myself "Just write, girl. It's been a rough year, so fuggetaboutit already. You don't owe no 'splanations."
As for snow, Jazz you have carnivals to celebrate it. Here it so does not belong!

Jocelyn, (Again, re comment on previous post.) Having experienced miscarriage and now the wild mentalpause ride, I could write a seperate blog just on these two events. I have a feeling y'all will be hearing way more than you ever wanted to know about hot flashes soon.
As for snorkeling naked, that sounds like a great idea. Although B may be reluctant to expose male dangly bits in shark territory. Just guessing.


Voyager said...

Dumdad, Snow in Paris seems as wrong as snow in Vancouver. An abomination in fact.

Carver said...

Great to see you back. I'll admit that I wouldn't mind some snow. We had a few tiny ones in November and nothing since then. I guess I'd be tired of it if I lived where you do but I'm really hoping we'll get at least one reasonably deep snow this year. You never know where I live. For some reason the photos didn't load but I'll check back later and see if they do.

Alda said...

STUNNING photos. Oh yes, you had me transported, completely.

We have no snow up here at present, but plenty of darkness.

Ian Lidster said...

Those pics were almost cruel, my dear. Oh how I long to be away somewhere warm. Even warm-ish would work.

jmb said...

That was nice. Maybe you can go again this March too.

Nearly gone, that dratted snow, but it is only the beginning of January, for crying out loud. It may be back again.

Carver said...

This time I was able to see your wonderful photographs. Great images for a winter's day to recall the warmth if only in your mind's eye.

Anonymous said...

Just back from Puerto Rico less than two weeks ago, and already I am longing to go back!

Rozanne said...

Welcome back to the Blogosphere. No snow here!

What a fantastic trip to Belize you had. And the underwater photos you took are stunning. I would have freaked out over that shark. It looks like it was definitely within chomping range.

Minnesota Matron said...

We here in the frigid Minnesota thank you for that momentary escape!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm itching to go.... almost anywhere.

Welcome back.

Voyager said...

Carver, Like you, sometimes we get years without a flake of snow here, except up in the mountains.

Alda, Beleive it or not I heard on CBC radio tonight thatIceland was having an unusually mild winter. The radio piece was about the regular protests going on.

Ian, Sorry, I did not mean to be mean!

Citizen, I envy your two weeks in P.R. They at least were recent.

J.M.B. Belize was beautiful, but I would not go back, there are too many other places I prefer.

Rozanne, I cannot tell a lie. The photos of Belize are all mine except the underwater ones. Those I got off the internet. I wish I had taken them though! But the drugstore underwater camera I had just does not get photos like that I'm afraid.

Minn. Matron, Hi! Glad to have you drop by.

Coffee drinker, Thank you, good to be back.

Anonymous said...

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